Thursday, October 9, 2008

Misc: Where we fit in the Farnsworth tree

I don't know much about our genealogy.  
  • I know we are descendants of Matthias Farnsworth
  • that a some-Gs grandfather joined the LDS church in Missouri in the 1840s 
  • that another one was a polygamist
  • that Philo T was my grandfather's cousin
  • that Earl Franklin was my grandfather
  • that there are a lot of us in Mountain Home, UT and environs
  • my dad's cousin Reona gave me a pedigree chart that I should study
So that's where I start.  I'm hoping I can find the larger web context for our family, and link up with Farnsworths in other parts of the country as I build a more history-based account via this blog.

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